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Wide perspectives like a low-cost Haussman’s Paris.

Ruins come what may.

Seseña is the main residential project in Spain that was interrupted due to the 2008 financial crisis, though some parts of it were actually accomplished and people are now starting to move there. By using the symbolic figure of an ‘archaeological park’, a trip is recounted, leading to a reflection on whether such a place ceases to be a ruin only for the fact of being inhabited. The material and sociological aspects of this type of urban development are tackled from an ironic and critical perspective to finally conclude that Seseña is a set of ruins ‘come what may’.

David Caspar Friedrich’s The Sea of Ice revisited as The Sea of Bricks. Disorderly aesthetics.

The Midas King developer, who devoted a roundabout to himself.

A half-finished warehouse takes the form of a modern Acropolis.

Lack of creativity hailing neutrality and standardization.