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  • Unfinished

    • Sicily
    • ruins in reverse

…not an accident but a successful white-collar crime.

The great beauty of incompiuto siciliano

Since the end of the 1950s, Italy has focused part of its modernization on the erection of public works. Due to corruption, mafia, and further malpractice, this form of development has occasionally failed, producing a high number of constructions that have remained unfinished until today. The group of artists Alterazioni Video has coined the term ‘Incompiuto’ (‘Incompletion’) to refer to unfinished public works as a formal architectural style and, through this re-interpretation, the artists aim to dignify these ruins. My work embraced the artists’ argument, embedding this case within the main academic debates on modern ruination at present whilst exploring the role of art practices in alternative heritagization processes. Said contribution is a worthwhile source of information for future research dealing with cultural approaches to incompletion in different contexts.

Concrete, iron, broken bricks. Wild vegetation.

It is the way we look at them that is being modified.

We are seeing ‘beautiful’ works of art. Incompletion is a form of completion.

Incompletion is a form of completion.