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  • (Vi)viendo

    • drifting

What if all was landscape?

A transformed landscape
that lies in silent ruins.

In Spanish, (VI)VIENDO is a play on the words ‘viendo’ and ‘viviendo’, where the former means ‘seeing’ and the latter is ‘living’ or ‘experiencing’. Over two days, a drift through Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Southern Spain was documented. The result is an image gallery and a 70-minutes experimental film co-authored with creative director Chema Aranda. These outputs testify the emotions triggered by a transformed landscape that lies in silent ruins, a psychogeographic analysis through which feelings such as freedom, isolation, abandonment and mysticism are shared.

And yet these thoughts came to mind strictly because I was there.

No past. No future. Ruins can be just ruins.


A contestation to dominant aesthetics.

“There is no landscape without a gaze”. Marc Augé, Le Temps en Ruines.